You know that awesome and yet biter-sweet feeling when you finish the product? I sure do. Especially if it is a product I love and had a blast using it. I am storing this products in a pretty polka dot box where they (well, at least packaging) lasts a bit longer. So, in first empties post I have 11 products which i finished.

2014-10-25 22.55.30Firstly the “body” section.

Lush-Snow Fairy Shower Gel 2014-10-25 22.56.07Every Lushie will know about this glorious piece of heaven on earth which pays us a visit at a christmas festive season ( or a little bit before that since it is already available at Lush stores, even ours which seem to get the products a bit later than English and American stores). So what makes it so special? The smell. That sweet bubblegum scent makes me want to eat it every time the smell hits my nose. I bought a huge bottle (500ml, biggest you can get) and it lasted me around half a year (well, not using it every single day helped since I have quite a collection of other shower gels).

Repurchase? Hell yes. ( Erm, just bought 500ml bottle today to be honest.)

Lush-The Olive Branch Shower Gel

2014-10-25 22.56.42Might be that I am a little bit obsessed with Lush shower gels. Or with Lush in general. The Olive Branch is a special shower gel. Why? The content separates into two sections. The upper part is olive oil and the bottom is mandarine and vine leaves orange liquid. When you shake it mixes and it makes an unique shower experience. It smells like mandarines and sweet sweet bergamot with a hint of olive oil. And I must admit it brings back some memories of holidays at the seaside when I was little. It leaves skin soft and glowing and it can make every day a bit better. This was a small (100ml) bottle, but…

Repurchase? Yes. ( I have 500ml bottle in my shower already, whoops.)

The Body Shop-Satsuma Body Butter

2014-10-25 22.56.55I am a big fan of fruity smelling things. This one is one of the best smelling body butters I’ve ever smelled. With two things aside we can talk about other stuff. Like how nice this body butter is to use in summer. For winter I need a little heavier butter/cream/lotion/… , but for summer it was perfect. It hydrated skin as it should, no sticky feeling or anything horrible like that. And it left my skin smelling gorgeous for next few hours. This is a small ( 50ml) version, after using up quite a bunch of big (200ml) versions it was over way too soon.

Repurchase? Yes, but to shake things up in some other scents.

Alverde-Deo Lime Sage

2014-10-25 22.59.23Soooo… here is the part where I complain a lot. Me and deo stuff are not a good match. My armpits are really sensitive and that makes it a science to find a deodorant that doesn’t upset my skin. And this one is a saviour when my skin gets really irritated since I use it over my clothes. It has alcohol in it which means it is a big no-no for my skin directly. It smells fresh and zesty and herby and not too pushy I-am-old-witch smell.

Repurchase? I sooo wish I would not need it but… Might do it.

Moving on to face section.

GamARde-Lotion Apaisante Douceur

2014-10-25 22.57.10Tonic. A product I was skipping in my skincare for quite some time. Then my mum gave me this one. And it was used up quite soon. 200ml of face product is a big thing but with this one it did not seem like it. It smells like wild rose and it leaves skin feeling clean and fed. It also has a great bottle, the feel of this glass is so calming when you’re doing a night-time care.

Repurchase? Yes, I did like it but I will try some others as well. Nothing personal, OK?

Primark-Lip Stain Pen

2014-10-25 22.57.51This hot pink lip stain was interesting experience. It lasted me for a month, maybe not even that, but for a price of 1£ I am not expecting miracles. While it lasted it worked fine, the colouration was good but it didn’t help my always chapped lips. Yet it was a fun to play with and it made my sightseeing in London a little bit more colourful.

Repurchase? No, no hydration found.

And hair masks. So many hair masks. My hair is messy and frizzy and a bit curly and all in all it has a mind of its own. No hair mask? My hair looks like Trolli creature. Mask? It looks a little bit better. Little.

Avon-Superfruit Souffle yumberry&yogurt/Shine Mask violet&grapeseed/Superfruit Souffle acai berry&shea oil

2014-10-25 22.58.072014-10-25 22.58.172014-10-25 22.58.28

I am putting these three together since they are quite similar. They make my hair quite soft and leave them smelling for half a day or so, but in that time hair get frizzy as usual. So not great but not bad as well. I have no idea what yumberry is but I think I would eat it (is it eatible?) since it smells like a really sugary strawberry. And yes, fruity smell makes it smell the best. Violet mask has a parfum-like smell which I must admit I wasn’t too keen while having it on my hair but on dried hair it didn’t smell bad. Acai berry has a sweet smell as well ( now that I am smelling them again they all smell sweet and parfumy ) but it had most impact on my hair. They were soft and shiny and good smelling. Not bad. All three are in 125ml packages which lasted for 3-4 uses for mine medium lenght quite thick hair.

Repurchase? Nah, been there, done that.

Lush-Hair Doctor

2014-10-25 22.59.12Hair doctor is a fresh hair mask from Lush.It should stimulate scalp with jojoba and fuller’s earth ( also,  fullers association is beer, just to let you know, Honey Dew and London Pride are good).It comes in 95g package and it made two masks with my thick hair. But I need to say that it didn’t really help me. It smells refreshing and minty, when you put it in your hair is like clay and it tickles scalp a bit. But my hair didn’t get any shinier, any less frizzy and any more well-behaved. I bought it since a guy working in Lush mention they usually don’t even have it in stock and how good the mask was. Well, not my cup of tea.

Repurchase? No.

Lush-Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease

2014-10-25 22.58.41This was a treat. A runny mask made me feel great. It lasted me for 5 time use and it is a nice combination of jojoba, canabis and almond oil with red henna and jasmine. Not only my hair lasted a whole day without going nuts, they smelled amazing for whole two days. The pot holds 220g of great floral jasmine awesome smelling mask and it’s doing it’s job great.

Repurchase? Might do it, might….

So, this is all I had in my box,sorry for lousy pictures, I only have my phone to work with.









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