October favourites

So the end of October means longer nights, shorter days and cold. Cold and fog must be the things I hate. I hate with all of my heart. But on the other side hiding in covers and drinking tea and candles. So many candles that I am afraid I will burn the whole flat down but fingers crossed that it won’t happen anytime soon.

So here we go with some of the best stuff of the month.

2014-11-03 12.48.042014-11-03 12.48.45


Face stuff. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is one of the best finds when it comes to foundation. I have never had a foundation that I actually liked but this one is great. Nice coverage, one pump does it for my face since my skin is quite nice and I do not need that much of coverage. I also bought a concealer (same brand and also Healthy Mix ) and they work together great. The second yummy thing is a Lush cleanser named Let the Good Times Roll.  It is sweet smelling yellow playdoh-y cleanser. It smells like fresh baked cookies and cinnamon. It is really comforting washing face with it in the evening. And since it is slightly exfoliating you don’t need to use scrub. Win-win for lazy me.

2014-11-03 12.51.28

(Sorry for the crappy photos, I take them with my phone. )

So next on my list are two eye makeup bits. Sleek palette Arabian Nights is a beautiful collection of eyeshadows which were kinda picked to… well, a collection of highlight and shadowing colours but I find it perfect for everyday use. And I even like the sparkly ones which is usually so not my cup of tea but here… I changed. And the other lovely one is Catrice Glamour Doll mascara. It separates and coats eyelashes and makes them look completely adorable. Since I am quite picky when it comes to mascaras this was one of best finds. Yay!

2014-11-03 12.50.11

Nails, nails, nails. Essence Glow in the Dark top coat is so quirky. I threw out every other top coat and once bought that for fun and never imagined to really wear it. Well I did. And almost got a heart attack when my nails were there, all glow-y in the dark. Next 10 minutes I spent just watching it, such a kid. Kiko Quick Dry nail polish in shade Fire red. I always go for red or green/blue when it comes to nails. Everything else is out of my comfort zone. And this one is like fresh fairytale apple on your nails. Two coats even I manage not to smear. Lovely.

2014-11-03 12.49.35

Tea. Since I’ve been sick last few days of October I was drinking insane amounts of herbal and fruit infusions (not tea, since it is not containing any proper tea) it was a dream come true to make and drink a cup of delicious wild strawberry scented tea. So, yes. Palais des Thes Wild Strawberry black tea.

And I cannot get past one another thing. Lush bath bombs. I’ve been using so many Christmas range ones I will just list them here:

Butterbear – Cocoa butter, skin is soooo nice when you go out of bath. Yum!

Dashing Santa – So fresh, so citrusy and so energising.

The Christmas Penguin – Olive branch ( olive oil and mandarines ) scented and with mountains of bubbles. Bubbles!

Father Christmas – This one is the last for a reason. I need to explain some things before I end this blog. This Snow fairy scented bomb is just amazing. Not only the scent, it is also so… devilishly fun. The red part melts first and then the insides is green and the white part stays and there is green colour coming out of Santa’s eyes. SO AWESOME.

October and this blog now both stop.



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