Empties december edition

I know we are a bit past december but my winter really got me down this year. I’ve been ill 4 out of 3 months (yes, I do know what I wrote, and it is on purpose, I haven’t been feeling good or at least half heathy. Sorry for this rant, I’ve been worse than ever today.

So I’ve been spending most of the time at home since I was in no condition to work or do anything and it shows in empties as well. Drinking tea and having bubble baths every evening made me feel at least bit festive.

2015-01-14 10.26.50

2015-01-14 10.27.05Teas are my obsession. I’ve tried every one of Cha’s festive collection and they were great.

Christmas fruit tea is great smelling cinnamon and papaya flavoured tea.

Christmas green  tea is not online anymore but it contained some cloaves, pepper, orange and cinnamon and it was a perfect wintery green tea flavour.

Apple turkish yoghurt lime tea is one of my favourites. I haven’t drink it for a year or two since I forgot about it but now I am obsessed with it. Even bought the big bag after using up this small one.

Christmas apple is a nice soothing apple, cinnamon, cardamom and orange tasty one. Yum.

Granny’s garden is a tea that I know no one that would not love it. It is fruity and tasty and… awesome. I gave some of it to my friends as a present for christmas/new year since I know they all love it.

Cloud catcher contains apple, kiwi, sour cherry and cranberry and it makes a great afternoon-let’s unplug and read until we fall asleep tea. Not disappointed.

Last but not least is the Mueller Wild Strawberry tea. This is a piece of heaven on earth. One of the cafes where I go to get a cup of coffee or to chill or to work ( I am there quite a lot :$) is serving it and I when I found out that it’s this tea I went and got it for myself the same day. Whoops.

2015-01-14 10.27.15

Lush Veganese hair conditioner is one of my favourite   hair products I discovered in 2014. It makes hair all smooth and silky and leaves you with fruity smelling hair for day or two. It is vegan as well if anyone needs to know that :). I had the 500ml bottle and it ran out quite quick but we both used it and none of us knows that a bit of a conditioner goes a long way. It must be all over hair and a bit more and… not the most economic use. Repurchase? Yes, but after I use up American Cream.

The Body Shop Cinnamon shower gel is a part of last year collection but I used it up now since I wasn’t using it in the spring, summer or fall. It smells like coca-cola and it is nice and foamy but it did nothing for my skin. I need a bit more nourishing shower gels in the winter or else my skin gets all uptight and itchy. Repurchase? It was limited edition and I won’t cry over that.

Lush Aquatic toothy tabs. I was so intrigued since it claims to have jasmine and earl grey taste. I love both of those so what could go wrong? Well… I hate it. I left it all to Domen. Not my cup of tea. (pun, pun, pun!). Repurchase? I’ll stick to Atomic.

Lush Ocean salt cleanser is a nice peeling but it was too rough for my face so I ended using it on body. It’s a shame since I liked the smell and the feel. Repurchase? No. 😦

2015-01-14 10.27.19Lush Let the good times roll is the cleanser I’ve been writing about in october. I loved every single piece of this sweet popcorny madness. Repurchase? Yes, after I use up some of the stash I have at home.

Avon Mrs and Mr Frosty I saw in catalog and I loved that couple so much I just needed to have it. She is a nice spicy orange smelling lady and he is a glazed sweet apple gentleman. They looked so adorable in my bathroom. And they lasted me about five baths each. So foamy. So nice smelling. Repurchase? Limited edition. Sob.

2015-01-14 10.26.57Lush Christmas Hedgehog was a melty bubble treat. It smelled like lavender and orange and it was there for three uses. It left my skin hydrated and soft. Repurchase? Again…Limited edition.

Lush So white bath bomb was a sweet apple and bergamot scented white-pink coloured water delight. Why nobody told me how awesome bath bombs can smell? Why? O.o Repurchase? L.i.m.i.t.e.d. Argh.

And I got Whoop whoop gift box as a present. Thanks, Tjaša :**

Lush Northern lights is a stick which got some fuss in the beauty bloggers scene this season. I was quite intrigued but never got around just to buy it. Whoops. It is a special occasion to use this one. When I saw little stars coming from the inside it was pure magic but then they turned into little glitter and it was even better.

Lush Avobath always seemed a bit dull but oh my how good it smells. Bergamot and ylang ylang. Repurchase? Yes. (and finally an item that is not limited edition, it was quite frustrating to write same thing over and over again.)

Drummers drumming was there in november.

Brightside is one that I have not seen in our Lush. And it is by far the best smelling big bubble bar I’ve smelled. Oranges, lemones and a little zing. Perfect pickmeup after falling asleep and feeling like shit in the morning. Repurchase? Bring it here!

Fizzbanger is lemon! Apples! Cinnamon! The description said it calms anxieties and I must agree. Repurchase? Oui.

Some products are used up and I did not keep the packaging so…

Tender is the night massage bar  is a wedding of shea and jasmine. It leaves skin hydrated and soft. And I used it for what… 12 or so uses. Repurchase? More of it yes, please!

From dusk til down is a lemon and spices massage bar that is great to use if you need to feel energised and when you need to take over the world. Repurchase? Yes.

Full of grace is a serum bar. It hydrates the face and it leaves you all glowy in the morning. It is not a product to use if you hate oil on your skin and I must admit it was too oily feeling for me. Repurchase? Nah, I’ll pass.

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