Sales haul

So as I am cleaning out a lot of stuff I’ve used up it comes to a problem… I need/want more stuff to take its place. I mean look at my empties, there is like a billion products every time. I didn’t come around to using up many make-up products since I’ve been at home almost all of the time. 2015-01-12 20.49.11So what I got? Well, I got a coffee machine few days ago ( a friend didn’t need it anymore and she gave it to us) so we bought some capsules. I got them at Spar, where they sell Tchibo stuff ( and I am a great fan of the brand ) and I’ve bought every caffeinated style of capsules they had. I also bought some shirts which I use as undershirt and they make the best ones ever, I am using them since I can remember. (Maybe about five years or so). Anyway I recommend them.

I stopped at Orsay which has some great sales right now and I bought a t-shirt and a jumper.

At Tedi I got myself some oldschool candy since I saw them there and I hasn’t seem them in stores since 15 years or so ago when we bought them in Austria.

I treated myself to some Yankee Candle waxes. They were 20% or so off since those are seasonal. One is Apple wreath scented and the other is World Peace. I’ve used up both already, whoops.

Oh, and I stopped by Sports direct so I could get myself some trainer pants ( there is nothing more comfortable to wear at home) and a yoga mat.

And I’ve dropped by at Stenders . I’ve heard quite a lot about the brand but never really tested it. I have bought a deodorant since I am in search for a good one and a body butter with jasmine smell. They has everything about 40% off so it was a steal!

2015-01-12 20.50.09 2015-01-12 20.49.552015-01-12 20.49.41

Last but not least, I’ve been hounding around every single store that holds make-up just to find a dark-violet lipstick. And they had it in DM! Ain’t it pretty?

2015-01-12 20.51.03

So yeah, I didn’t go wild, I just picked up some things I really needed. Did you find anything good on sale?

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