Morocco day one

Hello, people. Sorry for not writing much lately ( don’t act like you missed me) but I was kinda busy with life and everything so I was a little less present at the computer screen. So I have something exciting for you today. Well, it was exciting for me, you are just gonna read about it.

As the title suggested I am in Morocco, to be exact in Marrakech. It is my first holiday after quite some years ( last year London was only half holiday since I’ve been working on my computer quite few hours every day so it was never able to relax. This time I am doing it a bit differently. No itinerary, no plans. And boy that feels good.

I started my route in Ljubljana, went to Milano and flew to Marrakech. The flight was full and the only thing that happened there  were some problems since one of the passengers passed out during the flight. But he was ok when we landed.

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Waiting on my plane to come

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So I managed to get myself a SIM card with data plan and we ( me and my travel companion, let’s name her simply M) went to the centre of the city, checked in the hotel and visited the cutest roof terrace I’ve ever seen.

We roamed the souk ( yes, muggle or whatever can a pretentious I’ve-been-here-for-a-day person could call you, google it as I did a week ago) and streets of Medina for about three hours. My sore feet are not happy that happened but it did. As we got to our starting point we decided to get a Coke ( their Coke is less sweet and just delicious, stop judging me!) on a roof terrace overlooking the Djema El Fnaa, main square.

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Djema El Fnaa

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We went and ate some couscous which can measure up to mine, have to agree, and we went to the shopping mall which was the most bizare thing in a while. It was all christmasy when it came to decoration, some penguins, santas hut and so on. And a palm tree behind it. Won’t say I understand it. There I might have gone a bit overboard with makeup shopping at Flomar but I was treating myself a bit for my upcoming birthday.

We got back, ate something on the terrace and watched the sunset, chilled in our room and now I hardly wait to go to sleep.

Need to ask something before tho… Does anyone have any idea what is up with Morrocans and their love for cheese spread? And I should really learn french.



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