January empties

Yes, yes, I kinda know I am very late with this but … Time ran me over. And the pictures are really bad since my phone was broken and needed servicing. So let’s get it over quickly and hopefully not too painfully.


20150131_171124Avon Lily of the Valley Bubble Bath – No, I am not over bubble baths yet. This one has a strong floral scent and makes quite a lot of bubbles. And you get good quality for the price you pay.  I love a lot of product to put in baths and this bottle lasts me for about five baths. Not bad, not bad at all. Repurchase? I have some in other scents already.

L’occitane Amande Huile De Douche is a really lovely shower gel. It nurtures the skin and makes up for being lazy and not using a mosturiser after a shower. Since I am a bit lazy from time to time ( hahahaha, who am I kidding, I am the laziest person around sometimes) this was a nice solution for avoiding dried up skin. When you pour it out of the bottle it is like a thick oil but when it mixes with water it turns nice and foamy. I loved it. Repurchase? Quite sure but I have many things to use up before purchasing any shower gel.

Lush Rub Rub Rub body scrub  is a floral scented fine sea salt scrub and it is the best one from Lush if you ask me. The scent is appropriate for spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is quite exfoliating but it is not too aggressive to use on sensitive skin ( since I have I am really sure). A pot lasted me for two months or more with using it once per week.

The Body Shop Cinnamon Body butter was another of the cinnamon last year winter collection products. I am still sure it smells more like Coca-Cola than cinnamon but it might be that I am just that weird. I’d give it 6 points on moisturising part ( 1 being not moisturising and 10 being that gorgeous gooey best feeling on skin) but the smell was convincing. Repurchase? Long gone.

Lush Snow Fairy Massage Bar is a Christmas one again ( sorry, I know this is kinda late for reviewing the Christmas stuff but I am not sponsored so I need to earn money to be able to try it out trough to give an opinion. ) but it is the one that comes out almost every year. So it was very moisturising but OH SO GLITTERY! I picked it up at sales which means the holidays were already over and I walked around shining like a mo-fo-sparkling christmas tree. I adore Lush but the glitters on this one were way over head. Repurchase? No. Glitters. Yuck.


Soap & Glory Hand Food is one of the best hand creams I’ve had in a while. It smells like their Pink scent but I liked the sweet smell it left on hands. It was nurturing and even my boyfriend started using it. Repurchase? Yes, but they don’t sell it where I live. And it sucks.

Alverde Water mint and water minerals deo spray was… forgettable. I use it when my skin is irritated and I need to take care of it, i put some balsam first and deo spray over it. It has refreshing smell but I will probably forget I ever used it. Repurchase? Not sure.

Lush The Gun’ver deodorant I haven’t used all of it since it was shared deodorant since you apply it with hands and you can share it and the smell is fresh and meadowy so it is really unisex. If you like chemical smell, this one is not for you, since it is natural and smells like it. The smell is refreshing and you can smell some field flowers in it. It worked in the summer and it has no problem battling winter. We bought it in may and it lasted ( counts the fingers ) for at least eight months. 10 euros for a deodorant that lasts 8 months for two persons? Repurchase? We’re trying out the other smell right now, but I can already tell you this one is better so that is a yes.


Montagne Jeunesse Mud mask was quite nice but it didn’t make my skin any different. Repurchase? No.

Lush Brazened Honey face mask was the first face mask I bought since it is fresh and it is supposed to be used in three weeks or so? This one was nice and soft on the skin, it left my skin moisturised and glowing. And I used it when there was really cold outside and my skin gets really irritated and dry but it helped. Like a charm. Repurchase? Yes.

Avon Daily Cherry Hair refreshener was one of those products it stands in a bathroom for a long time and you use it from time to time but you can never really commit. It left my hair really nice scented but it did nothing else (actually I don’t  even know what it should to be honest).  Repurchase? No.

Figs and Rouge lip balms in rose ( nice floral scent but I really am not a fan of rose scents) , vanilla-orange ( warm and comforting smell with a little more orange which was awesome for me since vanilla is the other scent I am not too keen on), mint (it was minty. Obviously). All balms were nice and helped my chapped lips. Repurchase? Maybe when I go over a stack of lip moisturises I have at home.

20150131_170755Dolorelax cold patches – I used them to calm down my hurting muscles after a day of walking. It comes in facemasklike sheet form and really relaxes muscles. Repurchase? No idea.

Favn Herb massage oil also used for muscles relaxation. I used it after a day of walking and it helped my hurting legs. Repurchase? No.

Gillete Venus Proskin disposable razors again a product i tried due to my sensitive skin and since the disposable razors were on sale at the time I was buying them they costed like 1 euro for a razor. A razor with foam included. And it worked. My skin was nice and soft, I only made myself bleed once per shaving ( which is really good, I am clumsy). Repurchase? Not available in Slovenia anymore.

20150131_170727Skull Candy earphones so long my friend, we had good run. They were my companions for six years. I took them snowboarding, I used them at home… and then all the leathery parts ( the part at the ear and on top of the head) got all flakey and they were in a drawer for another year. So long. And they were a present from my sister which made them even more awesome. Repurchase? After I end mourning after these ones, yes.

Lidl Deluxe oils – I actually got a set with those for christmas. I gave one of the scents ( vanilla- it smelled really bad) to a friend, and here I have Winter and Apple with cinnamon scent. I use it to put it into little wooden balls on my radiators so they keep my flat smelling nice for a whole day.


Last but not least, teas and coffee.

First one is a Hofer winter tea this was with almond and cinnamon flavour. Not my cup of tea. ( Quite literally) The taste was a little bit too strong and bitter for me.

Cha Japanese Cherry a decent nice smelling green tea. Repurchase? Probably yes, I love floral green teas.

Cha Aida fruit tea oh my, yes, yes, yes. It has cornflower in it. And I love the smell and the taste of corn flower. I really do. Repurchase? Already have.

Cha Indian summer fruit tea was nice warm, but I think it would work even better as an ice tea. Need to try that out in summer. Repurchase? In summer time for sure.

Tchibo Cafissimo Caffee Crema mild No, no, no, all caffee crema capsules were a disapoint. I like espresso one tho. Repurchase? No.

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