Morocco part 2

Here you can find Morocco day one

So I am back from Morocco quite some time and I must admit it made an impression on me. Not as much as different culture but I needed something exciting, something that gets me moving and start thinking. It did not last long, but it is what it is. Shortly I’ll describe other days since they mostly ran out of my head. Whoops.

We went and saw the museum of Marrakech.

Sunshine and globalisation

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And we drank a lot of Coca-Cola, I admit. The museum is quite small but charming. It starts with a room holding some portraits of their king(s) with some important political and cultural people. After that you get into large yard with few fountains (and it is covered up). Around it there are some rooms with gifts like dishes and gold. The nicest part are the ornaments on all architectural elements. Not far away there is Medersa Ben Youssef which is like a theological college. It was however. Now is a museum. And it is quite something. I only regret the pool in the middle of the yard was empty.

Medersa tourists

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That was the most of touristy sightseeing we’ve done. The other days we were wandering the souks and losing ourselves in streets of Marrakech. And shopping. Berber pharmacies are a magical place for me. Everything smells and it is colourful and overwhelming. In a good way I must admit.


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On the way to the new part of the Marrakech we walked around Cyber park where they have some computers and wifi and some nice plants but it was mostly just greenery since we were there in February.

Cyber park

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The most impressive building I’ve seen was ( I know this will sound a bit crazy) a railway station!


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I didn’t take any pictures of hotel’s roof terrace but I have one of floor ground terrace. It was lovely there. Really lovely.

Serene hotel terrace

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The last day was a bit sad. We checked out and went last minute buying ( I bought myself a bag since the one I took with me was falling apart a bit) and just cruised around for a little bit.


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We went to same place as first day with great view of Jema al Fnaa and ate last meal which was some sort of chicken kebab and it was great!

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M bought some date to take home, we waved kotubia goodbye and sitted in the airport for an hour and… flew home.

Thank you Marrakech you were good to me

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