Minimalism and zero waste

Let me start by saying that 2016 was one of the worst years I could ever remember. It has taken me to a point where I really needed to examine my existence and purposes. And when I was most lost and most dissatisfied with just about everything I started a little retail therapy. And it hit me. Retail therapy did not make me happy. It did not make me feel better. It just made me have more stuff which were unused and making me feel guilty for buying them. That’s when I came across minimalism. Minimalism is a lifestyle which tries provide person everything it needs and nothing more. Minimalism is not purging. If you don’t want to. It does not mean living with less than 100 things . Except you want to.

So what are the bonuses?

  • less cleaning – every single object is intentional and has its own place. this means there is no more sorting or reorganising, only dusting and simple tasks like that to keep your living space in order
  • more time -you lose the urge to go shopping since you have all you need. More hanging out with friends and family. More time for self-development and things close to your heart like reading and dancing in the sunlight ūüėČ
  • more money – well, yes, it still depends on the lifestyle you live and where do you tend to meet people and what you do after job and… but some people say it saved them a shitload of money.
  • peace and clarity – oh, i’m going in the zone where I was always the first one to cringe and roll eyes. But there is a little bit less worries and I am not really sure if this is due to minimalism or not. Let’s say it is just for the sake of argument.

And further down the rabbit hole of minimalism I went closer I got to another movement. Zero-waste one. (Insert a filthy hippie joke here as I always do :)) Can you imagine a world without all the waste and less pollution and less abuse of the nature. Zero waste is a philosophy where the enormous abuse of plastic is something we are not willing to take. Ignoring the fact I come from a country which is 3rd in the world in the recycling department I still think the plastic is abused and we could just as well survive with glass and metal kitchen storage, with reusable tote bags and with cloth tissues and so on. Yes, it is a marginal philosophy but I really found it as a challenge. And I am just starting that route. How to go from being a pig making too much waste to kinda decent human being using as many reusables as possible (please, don’t take it as an insult, my humour can be a bit mean sometimes….):

  • tote bag. Have you seen them? They are OH SO CUTE!¬†a4e2b42d0228ab8f7f9b6b73d716363c
  • bringing a water bottle in a bag all the time and not buying the plastic bottles every time you need a sip.¬†equa-mismatch-black-550ml-new_7ee73a09-10e6-4684-a41a-a7c7770b91e1_1024x1024
  • Use cloth tissues. Yes, this one is kinda controversial. But after using them a little while I must admit, they are not as bad as I imagined.
  • Try a hand at making home laundry detergent
  • Buy from a local farmer. With own packaging.
  • Bring a lunch to work from home.
  • Same with coffee.

Yes, I know, some of the ideas are quite drastic. But! It is a fun experiment and I hope to turn it into lifestyle. Until I manage to deal with those two I will not poke into sustainability and tiny homes. I swear. I mean I’ll try not to ūüôā



January movies, books, games and music

Hey, it’s me again. Ha! ūüôā So I’m stuck at home with a flu and I think I don’t remember the last time I was that bored :O . Usually I cook, clean, I work, I read, watch stuff,… So nothing that different than what I do now. Except I know I can’t go out to meet people since I am contagious. And well… It has given me some time to relax ( I am relaxed af right now, trust me) and read. Catch up with some reading and music and movies and series and be a couch potato person without guilt.

This is now becoming a list of things I’ve seen, been reading, been listening and playing in January. Maybe you find some ideas in it ūüėČ

I’ve seen Trolls¬†shiny, happy, dance singsong animated movie. Had a Harry Potter marathon. A historical drama The book thief¬†that reminded me I need to see good in every person. And then… Well if you are a movie buff you know we are in the middle of award season. I usually watch as many Oscar nominees as I can. This year I am doing the same.

Hell or high water. A nice hommage to a westerns. A cruel everyday reality. I must admit it left me a bit colder then I expected but the time was not wasted. ūüôā

Arrival. A decent sci-fi where I loved the twist. Amy Adams is marked as a Disney princess forever in my head…. but that is my problem. Have I mentioned that I really liked the twist? Not gonna ruin it but it was a holding experiences.

Swedish and french movies must be one of my favourites. I like how swedes are honest and just don’t give a fuck if they come across as weird. It’s heartwarming, it’s a true love story, it’s a true feel-good movie. Go be cuddly on a couch with a bae or a cup of tea.

To be honest I still don’t know what exactly to think of this movie. It was extremely well thought out and the characters are almost flawlessly designed but there is still something about it I can’t wrap my head around. Not for the faint hearted.

And now we are here. I love musicals. I love Emma and Ryan. I hate the hype around the movie and I am afraid I do not understand all the nominations rolling in. It is not bad, don’t get me wrong. But if I will want to see a musical I will pick soooo many before La la land. And this is a case how a pumped up expectations can ruin a movie for me. *sings Another day of sun and sobs a little bit over the disappointment*

So I’ve seen a few of movies. So far being blown away is still a corner around. As far as the books go I’m in a pickle. I’m reading few at the same time so I haven’t finished any but am really impressed by the lightest reading in a while. Anthony Bourdain – Kitchen Confidential¬†. It is 17 years old book :O ( fresh realisation for me). It’s funny, it’s honest, it’s not pretentious. If you are interested in cooking as an occupation and not a Julia Child magical unicorn land, give it a go.

Games. I’m not much of a gamer and yet I like to play some strategies or simulations. And I present to you my favourite game of probably ever: Tropico 4! Imagine you are a dictator of your own island! Where you can do pretty much what you want. As long as you don’t piss off the US. Or Europe. Or own people. Or… you get the picture. I’ve finished with 20 challenges and now my life will be a little more empty ūüė¶

And last but really not least, music. A small mix of music for you. I was in 60’s mood most of the January. I think it shows :$¬†







Hello, new year. This is a year after a really weird and one of the worst years for me so I am kinda looking forward for 2017. It’s going to be great. Not sure why yet but it must be ūüôā


So in new year my resolutions are still none. But hey, maybe there will be some things happening on here in some new areas. I mean I might be starting to write about some topics which are ( to be honest) on the other pool of the blogging as I’ve been before ( empties will now maybe turn to zero-waste swaps) but I am not making any promises.

Have a good year!


Zucchini lasagne

It has just hit me… Summer is slowly ending and I don’t like it one bit. I like summer, I like sun, I like the seaside and I like all the feelings related to summer itself. But this will not be a post about summer but about food. I know I haven’t put anything on here for quite some time and I feel really bad about it.

So to talk italian food. I grew up and still am living in a country bordering to Italy. Glorious carbs! Pizza and pasta must be the most famous produces ( Cicciolina is not far behind ) so I’ve been familiar to those two since I can remember. But there is a dish that I’ve never been too keen on. Lasagne. I mean… There is a reason behind that horrific statement. I dislike minced meat. I do eat it sometimes in like stuffed bell peppers or in lasagna but I never order it outside. No idea why I cannot handle the taste. I’ve tried buying meat and mincing it myself and it still doesn’t really work for me. Today I was just browsing trough my cabinets and fridge how to make a lunch that’s quick and a bit comforting since I’m having a day off work and am working on threeorsomonths worth of chores.

I’ve been away from home so much this year I’ve missed cherries, strawberries, raspberries and even peas but since the summer has been so hot and sunny the zucchini and cucumbers have gone wild. So lately I’m cooking all zucchini recipes I’ve almost forgotten about, packing both zucchini and cucumbers in fridge and am a happy little camper since I’ve finally come to some homegrown vegetables.

Lasagna seemed as best idea since I have some leftover Barilla lasagne pasta in cupboard that is taking too much space and has been there long enough ( since before i got the pasta maker). Zucchini lasagne seemed like best idea ever. I put too much chilli in it but still ate a quoter of it.

2015-08-05 12.09.42I started by making tomato sauce¬†using tomato puree since I didn’t have any tomatoes at home and the store is not an option for today.

1 onion, finely choped 

1 chilli, finely chopped

1 fistful of fresh basil leaves 

4 sun dried pickled tomato pieces

500 g of tomato puree 

a goood pinch of salt 

a tablespoon of olive oil

Slowly braise the chopped onion and chilli with salt on olive oil untill onion goes glassy. Add chopped dried tomato and tomato puree, bring to a boil and put to low heat for about 5 minutes.

Next comes the bechamel. I can’t use cow milk since my boyfriend does not digest it well so I went with oat milk. Butter does not do him harm. So butter stays. ūüôā

3 tablespoons of flour 

4 tablespoons ( or in my measurement a huge knob) of butter

2dcl of oat milk 

Heat up the butter on low heat (cannot stress that enough- there is no worse than burned butter or bechamel) and slowly add spoon after spoon of flour. Be very careful, lumpy bechamel is gross. Stir between like all the time. Stir and cook until it turns yellow-y. Slowly add milk and stir like a maniac since it will thicken really quick. Bring to a boil and stir stir stir stir. Et voila, I do not cook it for too long after that since it will continue cooking while in lasagne.

I used the mandoline to finely slice two zucchini ( leaving the seeds in since they were still quite small, if you’re working with huge zucchinis deseed them) and about 180g of parmesan cheese which I sliced on mandoline as well.

2015-08-05 12.17.05

The construction of lasagne is personal choice, I put three pieces of pasta on bottom, add three spoons of bechamel and three spoons of tomato sauce, a good fistful or two of zucchini and a fistful of parmesan. I made only three layers but you can do way more. Top layer is pasta, bechamel and parmesan.

Throw it in the oven at 200 degrees ( or a little bit less, my oven is old and not the best at temperatures :)) for around 30-40 minutes. The top should be golden brown but you can put the tin foil over it for first 30 min so top layer doesn’t get so crunchy ( I love it crunchy so I never use a foil).

2015-08-05 13.03.57

Bon apetit and xoxo


Morocco part 2

Here you can find Morocco day one

So I am back from Morocco quite some time and I must admit it made an impression on me. Not as much as different culture but I needed something exciting, something that gets me moving and start thinking. It did not last long, but it is what it is. Shortly I’ll describe other days since they mostly ran out of my head. Whoops.

We went and saw the museum of Marrakech.

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Sunshine and globalisation

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And we drank a lot of Coca-Cola, I admit. The museum is quite small but charming. It starts with a room holding some portraits of their king(s) with some important political and cultural people. After that you get into large yard with few fountains (and it is covered up). Around it there are some rooms with gifts like dishes and gold. The nicest part are the ornaments on all architectural elements. Not far away there is Medersa Ben Youssef which is like a theological college. It was however. Now is a museum. And it is quite something. I only regret the pool in the middle of the yard was empty.

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Medersa tourists

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That was the most of touristy sightseeing we’ve done. The other days we were wandering the souks and losing ourselves in streets of Marrakech. And shopping. Berber pharmacies are a magical place for me. Everything smells and it is colourful and overwhelming. In a good way I must admit.

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On the way to the new part of the Marrakech we walked around Cyber park where they have some computers and wifi and some nice plants but it was mostly just greenery since we were there in February.

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Cyber park

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The most impressive building I’ve seen was ( I know this will sound a bit crazy) a railway station!

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I didn’t take any pictures of hotel’s roof terrace but I have one of floor ground terrace. It was lovely there. Really lovely.

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Serene hotel terrace

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The last day was a bit sad. We checked out and went last minute buying ( I bought myself a bag since the one I took with me was falling apart a bit) and just cruised around for a little bit.

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We went to same place as first day with great view of Jema al Fnaa and ate last meal which was some sort of chicken kebab and it was great!

M bought some date to take home, we waved kotubia goodbye and sitted in the airport for an hour and… flew home.

January empties

Yes, yes, I kinda know I am very late with this but … Time ran me over. And the pictures are really bad since my phone was broken and needed servicing. So let’s get it over quickly and hopefully not too painfully.


20150131_171124Avon Lily of the Valley Bubble Bath РNo, I am not over bubble baths yet. This one has a strong floral scent and makes quite a lot of bubbles. And you get good quality for the price you pay.  I love a lot of product to put in baths and this bottle lasts me for about five baths. Not bad, not bad at all. Repurchase? I have some in other scents already.

L’occitane Amande Huile De Douche¬†is a really lovely shower gel. It nurtures the skin and makes up for being lazy and not using a mosturiser after a shower. Since I am a bit lazy from time to time ( hahahaha, who am I kidding, I am the laziest person around sometimes) this was a nice solution for avoiding dried up skin. When you pour it out of the bottle it is like a thick oil but when it mixes with water it turns nice and foamy. I loved it. Repurchase? Quite sure but I have many things to use up before purchasing any shower gel.

Lush Rub Rub Rub body scrub  is a floral scented fine sea salt scrub and it is the best one from Lush if you ask me. The scent is appropriate for spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is quite exfoliating but it is not too aggressive to use on sensitive skin ( since I have I am really sure). A pot lasted me for two months or more with using it once per week.

The Body Shop Cinnamon Body butter¬†was another of the cinnamon last year winter collection products. I am still sure it smells more like Coca-Cola than cinnamon but it might be that I am just that weird. I’d give it 6 points on moisturising part ( 1 being not moisturising and 10 being that gorgeous gooey best feeling on skin) but the smell was convincing. Repurchase? Long gone.

Lush Snow Fairy Massage Bar is a Christmas one again ( sorry, I know this is kinda late for reviewing the Christmas stuff but I am not sponsored so I need to earn money to be able to try it out trough to give an opinion. ) but it is the one that comes out almost every year. So it was very moisturising but OH SO GLITTERY! I picked it up at sales which means the holidays were already over and I walked around shining like a mo-fo-sparkling christmas tree. I adore Lush but the glitters on this one were way over head. Repurchase? No. Glitters. Yuck.


Soap & Glory Hand Food¬†is one of the best hand creams I’ve had in a while. It smells like their Pink scent but I liked the sweet smell it left on hands. It was nurturing and even my boyfriend started using it. Repurchase? Yes, but they don’t sell it where I live. And it sucks.

Alverde Water mint and water minerals¬†deo spray was… forgettable. I use it when my skin is irritated and I need to take care of it, i put some balsam first and deo spray over it. It has refreshing smell but I will probably forget I ever used it. Repurchase? Not sure.

Lush The Gun’ver deodorant¬†I haven’t used all of it since it was shared deodorant since you apply it with hands and you can share it and the smell is fresh and meadowy so it is really unisex. If you like chemical smell, this one is not for you, since it is natural and smells like it. The smell is refreshing and you can smell some field flowers in it. It worked in the summer and it has no problem battling winter. We bought it in may and it lasted ( counts the fingers ) for at least eight months. 10 euros for a deodorant that lasts 8 months for two persons? Repurchase? We’re trying out the other smell right now, but I can already tell you this one is better so that is a yes.


Montagne Jeunesse¬†Mud mask was quite nice but it didn’t make my skin any different. Repurchase? No.

Lush Brazened Honey face mask was the first face mask I bought since it is fresh and it is supposed to be used in three weeks or so? This one was nice and soft on the skin, it left my skin moisturised and glowing. And I used it when there was really cold outside and my skin gets really irritated and dry but it helped. Like a charm. Repurchase? Yes.

Avon Daily Cherry Hair refreshener was one of those products it stands in a bathroom for a long time and you use it from time to time but you can never really commit. It left my hair really nice scented but it did nothing else (actually I don’t ¬†even know what it should to be honest). ¬†Repurchase? No.

Figs and Rouge lip balms in rose ( nice floral scent but I really am not a fan of rose scents) , vanilla-orange ( warm and comforting smell with a little more orange which was awesome for me since vanilla is the other scent I am not too keen on), mint (it was minty. Obviously). All balms were nice and helped my chapped lips. Repurchase? Maybe when I go over a stack of lip moisturises I have at home.

20150131_170755Dolorelax cold patches РI used them to calm down my hurting muscles after a day of walking. It comes in facemasklike sheet form and really relaxes muscles. Repurchase? No idea.

Favn Herb massage oil also used for muscles relaxation. I used it after a day of walking and it helped my hurting legs. Repurchase? No.

Gillete Venus Proskin disposable razors again a product i tried due to my sensitive skin and since the disposable razors were on sale at the time I was buying them they costed like 1 euro for a razor. A razor with foam included. And it worked. My skin was nice and soft, I only made myself bleed once per shaving ( which is really good, I am clumsy). Repurchase? Not available in Slovenia anymore.

20150131_170727Skull Candy earphones¬†so long my friend, we had good run. They were my companions for six years. I took them snowboarding, I used them at home… and then all the leathery parts ( the part at the ear and on top of the head) got all flakey and they were in a drawer for another year. So long. And they were a present from my sister which made them even more awesome. Repurchase? After I end mourning after these ones, yes.

Lidl Deluxe oils – I actually got a set with those for christmas. I gave one of the scents ( vanilla- it smelled really bad) to a friend, and here I have Winter and Apple with cinnamon scent. I use it to put it into little wooden balls on my radiators so they keep my flat smelling nice for a whole day.


Last but not least, teas and coffee.

First one is a Hofer winter tea this was with almond and cinnamon flavour. Not my cup of tea. ( Quite literally) The taste was a little bit too strong and bitter for me.

Cha Japanese Cherry a decent nice smelling green tea. Repurchase? Probably yes, I love floral green teas.

Cha Aida fruit tea oh my, yes, yes, yes. It has cornflower in it. And I love the smell and the taste of corn flower. I really do. Repurchase? Already have.

Cha Indian summer fruit tea was nice warm, but I think it would work even better as an ice tea. Need to try that out in summer. Repurchase? In summer time for sure.

Tchibo Cafissimo Caffee Crema mild No, no, no, all caffee crema capsules were a disapoint. I like espresso one tho. Repurchase? No.

Morocco day one

Hello, people. Sorry for not writing much lately ( don’t act like you missed me) but I was kinda busy with life and everything so I was a little less present at the computer screen. So I have something exciting for you today. Well, it was exciting for me, you are just gonna read about it.

As the title suggested I am in Morocco, to be exact in Marrakech. It is my first holiday after quite some years ( last year London was only half holiday since I’ve been working on my computer quite few hours every day so it was never able to relax. This time I am doing it a bit differently. No itinerary, no plans. And boy that feels good.

I started my route in Ljubljana, went to Milano and flew to Marrakech. The flight was full and the only thing that happened there  were some problems since one of the passengers passed out during the flight. But he was ok when we landed.

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Waiting on my plane to come

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So I managed to get myself a SIM card with data plan and we ( me and my travel companion, let’s name her simply M) went to the centre of the city, checked in the hotel and visited the cutest roof terrace I’ve ever seen.

We roamed the souk ( yes, muggle or whatever can a pretentious I’ve-been-here-for-a-day person could call you, google it as I did a week ago) and streets of Medina for about three hours. My sore feet are not happy that happened but it did. As we got to our starting point we decided to get a Coke ( their Coke is less sweet and just delicious, stop judging me!) on a roof terrace overlooking the Djema El Fnaa, main square.

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Djema El Fnaa

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We went and ate some couscous which can measure up to mine, have to agree, and we went to the shopping mall which was the most bizare thing in a while. It was all christmasy when it came to decoration, some penguins, santas hut and so on. And a palm tree behind it. Won’t say I understand it. There I might have gone a bit overboard with makeup shopping at Flomar¬†but I was treating myself a bit for my upcoming birthday.

We got back, ate something on the terrace and watched the sunset, chilled in our room and now I hardly wait to go to sleep.

Need to ask something before tho… Does anyone have any idea what is up with Morrocans and their love for cheese spread? And I should really learn french.



“Reusing” food

So one of my passions is food. I love to cook and I am quite keen on cooking as well. Snaga , a company that takes care of disposals in Ljubljana¬† where I live invited me to a dinner. Well, to be honest I was invited to an event, I had no idea what it’s gonna be. So I turned up at As Aperitivo¬†( where I haven’t been in last half past year, need to go there more often, they have nice food) and there was a big dining table with some press and some social media people. No one had any clue what to expect but they soon explained to us that we’re having a dinner. Hmm, dinner sounds good, right. In front of us there were cards with sayings about food and shopping which were a little conversation¬†starters and ice breakers. And then the dinner came. Or to be exact there was Vanja Fon, a young aspiring chef who told us a little bit about the menu. He looked really young but I just found out he is 27. Whoops.

So we ate and talked.

1. rostbif s poŇ°iranim jajcem

First course was roast beef  with poached egg. (and rocket, parmesan and olive oil). We were served Malvasia (2011) as well.

3. grahova juha in peńćena Ň°unka

Second course was creamy pea soup with ham.

2. krvava solatkaThird course was a bloody salad. (greens, fennel, orange, pines, mint and onion with red beet sauce)

4. gratinirana paŇ°tica

Fourth course was gratined sicilian style pasta. Little brown things on top are actually fried aubergine skins.

5. goveji burgerFifth ( I probably mixed up the order of courses or miscounted some. Whoops) was a pulled beef burger with yoghurt sauce. It came with Rubino (2011).

6. hrustljava sladica

Last but not least was a crunchy desert with peach and vanilla ice cream and sweet Pinot Blanc (2008) .

So, another dinner. Except there is a catch. Every course featured at least one “leftover” food. At first one the roast beef was prepared a day before. Also the ham in the soup. Beetroot juice would be thrown away but here it was featured in salad dressing. Pasta was made one day before. Eggplant skin would be thrown away. Beef was used to cook stock and would not come to the plate otherwise. I might forgot what was with peach in the dessert but my brain was preoccupied with all mmmm-ing and yummmmm-ing.

So what was a whole point of it? Well, on average every citizen of Slovenia yearly disposes about 80kg of food. It is a whole grown person weight of food. Per one person. And we all know all food that is in those bins is not to be thrown away but since is more comfortable it ends there. And it is too much indeed. So Snaga is running a little campaign to raise a voice about the issue of food that gets thrown away while still useful. And at that the whole buying-preparing-eating- refrigeration process.

What can we do to make less good food go to waste? (I have been thinking and this is my idea)

1. Shop what you use. I know how it feels to take a bit more since someone might come around or you’re really gonna cook only at home this week or you might get really hungry but when you go shopping, make a list, think about what you are gonna cook and eat all week and don’t lie to yourself if you know that you are too lazy too cook when you come home so you rather just eat out. You’ll save some money that would be thrown away as well.

2. Get innovative with cooking. I mean, have you seen that aubergine skin? It was really delicious. And stale bread can become nice croutons ( make nice pieces or tear it up, some salt, some dried or fresh herbs ( my favourite is rosemary) a drizzle of olive oil and low heat baking until nice golden and dried up). Lemon skin after juicing can be a used in a simmering potpuri. Put it in a pot with water, some other nice smelling things and simmer. Here is another example.

3. Eat clean.  I am not talking about washing your food, we all know how it goes. And I am not gonna lecture you on diets, I am the last person to feel obliged to. But eat non-processed food. It is good for you, it is cheaper, it is fun to prepare and it is good for environment. I mean, making ratatouille or making a tinplate-throw it in an oven and bake it-food. It takes approximately same time after you learn some cooking tricks.

4. Refrigerate. I know some people who cook for few days in one go since they don’t have time to cook later in week. Not saying that is the way to do it, I like fresh cooked food and always try to find time to prepare it, but food is good after you eat it once. Some stews are even better after you heat them up for few times.

So I hope I inspired you to throw away just a little less food. If that means one person will throw away a kilo or so less food my mission here is accomplished.

Thank you Nina, Tamara and Manca for the nice evening and hoping to see you all soon.


Disclaimer : I was not paid to write this, it is not an ad for anything. All photos are owned by Snaga.

Sales haul

So as I am cleaning out a lot of stuff I’ve used up it comes to a problem… I need/want more stuff to take its place. I mean look at my empties, there is like a billion products every time. I didn’t come around to using up many make-up products since I’ve been at home almost all of the time.¬†2015-01-12 20.49.11So what I got? Well, I got a coffee machine few days ago ( a friend didn’t need it anymore and she gave it to us) so we bought some capsules. I got them at Spar, where they sell Tchibo¬†stuff ( and I am a great fan of the brand ) and I’ve bought every caffeinated style of capsules they had. I also bought some shirts which I use as undershirt and they make the best ones ever, I am using them since I can remember. (Maybe about five years or so). Anyway I recommend them.

I stopped at Orsay which has some great sales right now and I bought a t-shirt and a jumper.

At Tedi I got myself some oldschool candy since I saw them there and I hasn’t seem them in stores since 15 years or so ago when we bought them in Austria.

I treated myself to some Yankee Candle¬†waxes. They were 20% or so off since those are seasonal. One is Apple wreath scented and the other is World Peace. I’ve used up both already, whoops.

Oh, and I stopped by Sports direct so I could get myself some trainer pants ( there is nothing more comfortable to wear at home) and a yoga mat.

And I’ve dropped by at Stenders¬†. I’ve heard quite a lot about the brand but never really tested it. I have bought a deodorant since I am in search for a good one and a body butter with jasmine smell. They has everything about 40% off so it was a steal!

2015-01-12 20.50.09 2015-01-12 20.49.552015-01-12 20.49.41

Last but not least, I’ve been hounding around every single store that holds make-up just to find a dark-violet lipstick. And they had it in DM! Ain’t it pretty?

2015-01-12 20.51.03

So yeah, I didn’t go wild, I just picked up some things I really needed. Did you find anything good on sale?